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The Value of Play for Early Learning


“Tandem believes the best form of early learning is joyful and full of exploration and discovery. This brief will be a powerful resource to incorporate into our family and educator workshops that address the power of play as one of the most important pieces of a child's early education.”

“This brief is an incredible free resource for early childhood families, providers, teachers and administrators to use to enhance their children’s early learning activities, it’s user friendly, and is available in English and Spanish. We're excited about the series to be developed on a range of topics, all based on play which is children’s very important work at this age. And, it aligns with the CA Preschool Learning Foundations and Curriculum Frameworks! -- California Preschool Instructional Network

Ten years ago, the Early Childhood Funders (ECF) produced a policy brief and pamphlet Play: It's the way young children learn on the importance of play for early learning. The pamphlet is available in six languages and was distributed throughout the country. Now, as more and more parents, providers and caregivers are obtaining their information online, ECF has produced a brief – a simplified one-page online version of the pamphlet. You are also welcome to print and distribute!

These resources are intended to help anyone who cares for children increase their knowledge of the importance of play for early learning, provide resources for parents and early care and education teachers to better support the development of young children, and to educate parents, providers and caregivers that play is not a break from learning--it is the way young children learn.

In addition, there are many wonderful articles and books that are available detailing the value of play. We offer this list here for those who would like to learn more!




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